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Protect yourself, buy your safe investments right here — The very same safe investments that the government and the banking industry have stated are ~ “Zero Risk”!


According to a June 4th, 2012 joint memo by the Federal Reserve, the Office of the Comptroller and the FDIC gold is now considered so safe that , “… a “zero risk weight” is to be applied to “gold bullion”.

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The fact is:

If you don’t own gold and silver (what the banks now call “zero risk” investments) then, at least read Going for the Gold and prepare for what is to come!

This illustrated reference book is packed with information, history, tips and terminology. If, after reading, you still decide gold and silver is not for you at least you will be doing so as an informed investor.

Going for the Gold: This indispensable reference tool includes active links to auction houses, up-to-date industry periodicals, coin grading services and so much more.

Join us at Money, In Other Words!, become a member of the American Coin Guild and stay informed!

Owning gold and silver is our birthright and now, with the banking industry coming to terms with financial reality, we hope to see America return to sound money principles once again. Join us and be a part of that revolution.

Spot Pricing

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